Balsam for the soul

Nectar quotes by Swami Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti

You become strong when you understand that you do not have any strength. You become wise when you are conscious that you are ignorant.

When you give riches to other, you become rich. When you give love to others, you receive love.

If you want to teach others, be a good example and conquer their heart.

Only in being kind with others, will you receive God's mercy.

Even though God is the Supreme owner, there is still something that He doesn't have, but He wants. What is it?...      
Your heart.

Reduce your necessities by enjoying the small things in life 

Adapt to every circumstance. See everything as mercy from God.

Never become attached to anything material that would halt your spiritual progress. Share what you have with others. In this way, you will understand that nothing is yours.

Be ready to serve. Do not lose this opportunity; serve with all your being.

Always meditate that God is in everything and that He controls everything.

Speak softly and aways use sweet words.

Have an ardent thirst to obtain Love for God.

Renounce all your attachments, surrender yourself to God and use everything that you have in His service.

Have patience and perseverance in your intent to serve.

Don't leave your spiritual exercises even for only one day.

Life is short. The moment of death is uncertain. Dedicate yourself seriously to spiritual life.

Allow the thought of God keep the thoughts of the mundane world distant.

Never postpone something until tomorrow, if you can do it now.

Don't boast or make a demonstration of your skills; be humble and simple.

Be happy always, leave your anxieties.

Be indifferent to things that concern you, keep yourself busier with others and learn to depend on the mercy of God.

Abandon gossip, slander, criticism and fault finding in others.

Only see the good and practice the virtues of others.

Flee from anger, lust and selfishness, which are like the venom of a serpent.

Always carry some spiritual maxims and/or verses from the scriptures. See God in everyone and in everything.

Confront obstacles valiantly and seriously.

Do not be worried by criticism when you are on the correct path.

Admit your own faults patiently and ask for advice to overcome them.

Expand your heart giving the best that you have. Be extraordinarily charitable.

Desires multiply misery. Try to be satisfied with everything that you receive.

Carry on with your work in the path of perfection and honesty.

Have only one objective in life and proceed very carefully.

The benefits of divine love are infinite. Never leave this practice.

Be moderate. All the extremes are always dangerous.

Analyze yourself and be introspective every day. Observe your growth.

How can I increase my service? This thought increases the happiness of our being.

Do not impose your opinions; better still express your wisdom.

Do not demand respect; instead, you should earn it through your own example.

You cannot doubt God only because there are some things that you cannot understand.

Behind each suffering, there is something to learn.

Faith is an eye that guides us towards the Supreme Lord.

In order to be happy, you only have to learn to love.

Criticizing those whom we have no opportunity to help is like spitting into the wind.

Laziness is the demon who destroys our aspirations.

Each one is the forger of his own fortune.

Always make something beautiful to save this world; ruggedness indicates a lack of compassion.

There will only be peace in the world when we have internal peace.

When you depend on God, you mitigate all suffering.

It is necessary to change this world beginning with ourselves.

He, who is dedicated to the good, is never defeated by the bad.

God is not interested in your money or in your property. He is only interested in your heart.

You must be part of the solution or part of the problem.

Religion means to obey the things of God.

You must have the Supreme Personality of Godhead as the number one priority in your life.

Your heart in this world feels abandoned; it is necessary to approach God. In this way, all of your problems will end in the enjoyment of spiritual life.

The true Saint concludes that for him, God is everything.

Better servant means to face bigger conflicts.

The rich have more fear in losing their riches than the poor in obtaining them.

Give love if you want to obtain love. 

keep your thoughts sublime and pure.

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti
Translation: Erica Wolski