Cigarette addiction

by Swami Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti


Smoking addiction

Dear friend, who are addicted to the candy of adults called cigarette. There might me different reasons why you once fell into the trap of smoking and got addicted to it.

Nasty business

Since the first time you tried that psychological candy, it started to transform into your dangerous dependence of nicotine. Your dependence became an easy way for the manufacturers of cigarettes to fill their pockets, since the best for them is a trusty addicted customer who daily buy their nasty stuff, which is only useful to pollute your lungs, blood, health, home and even your heart.

Side effects – Character contradictions

My friend, to smoke is a big trap and you have become a victim of it, and you will need lots of endeavor to get rid of if. Perhaps you tried already several times and even promised, nevertheless you feel dejected, weak and ashamed; and at the same time you play as if you would be the strong one, the brave one, the rebellious one, the American cowboy that finally shows the boast braveness of killing himself with that stupid bad habit.


Wake up! Your body does not belong to you. It is the property of God and Mother Nature. It is very useful and you can do many things to help others, so don’t be discouraged. You have a mission in this very life. We want you to be healthy with nice character. We don’t want you to be ashamed, hidden in the smoker’s corner, afflicted with own miseries. Be aware that gentle people says: If you want to smoke, then kill yourself alone, but don’t kill others”; even in several public places the nonsense of smoking is prohibited.

My friend you have to overcome yourself. Lift up your head! You will win like many others who already overcame their weakness. Be patient in these moments when addiction presses you, and remember the important thing to instead helping others with the money that otherwise would be wasted in cigarettes. Remember your desire to support a good activity, to give charity, to donate in a temple or just to do something wonderful.

Scientific information

“The smoker acts according his addictions and against his health interest, as stated by doctors worldwide”

“Depression, insecurity, nervousness are the poisonous effects of nicotine”

“Did you know that cigarettes kill more people in the world than the terrorist attacks?”

Smoking is an epidemic of public health, which daily puts in danger the life of many people. The slow poison of nicotine produces a traumatic effect in the mind of an addict, and at the same time it creates dependence of false concepts like: “I don’t become fat if I smoke”, and also: “by smoking I get nice opportunities to meet interesting people.” Don’t fool yourself with such propaganda! You are an eternal soul and have a mission to fulfill. Bow down your head in front of Him and tell Him from your heart: “O my Lord, allow me to be an instrument of your love. I accept any suffering I need to give up smoking. If I need to have any other addiction, allow it to be the addiction to your love, which will satisfy my heart and give me the capacity to do good to others. O my Lord! You are my only hope. Give me strength to overcome this dependence of nicotine and permit me to do some thing nice with this money I’m wasting in this vice. I need you so much, O Lord! And knowingly I did so many errors by lack of sense in my life, but now I have a reason to exist in your shelter and grace”

Dear friend of my soul, is time to wake up – better late then never, but take your decision today. And if you still have cigarettes in your pocket, then destroy them and throw them far away. Because such garbage you cannot give to anyone without becoming guilty of hurting him. I love you and care for you so much, because you are my eternal brother/sister. I want you to be a winner over illusion, one of the souls who already learned that life is about giving, instead of taking, instead of smoking.

Srila Guru Maharaj
Translation by Gopini Dasi

Editing Manah Siksa d Dasi