Conscience - even if it pains

by: Swami Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti

We have to become activists of the good. There is so much garbage, so much cruelty that has to stop. Modern man has become insensible; anaesthetised by intoxication and consumption, the "human being" prefers the bad, so that he even forgets his own best and directly or indirectly becomes responsible for the corrupt society. We have to make changes, and we have to start with ourselves, because it is almost impossible to change others. One person or the whole world would change if we were capable to inspire them with our own example. The modern "civilized" man is a joke.

It is time that we get conscious, even if it pains.
The change is necessary, for otherwise, how would there be any hope? The very planet is in danger. AIDS and other diseases, definitely caused by our erroneous living - especially the killing of innocent animals and irresponsible sex - oblige us to change. And what to say about man's dignity; he has become a tele-robot and does no longer feel anything for anybody.

We need conscience, even if it pains.
We are tired of empty promises and public lies. We do not want more violence also, from the ignorant and cruel "liberators", who, just like the aggressors, only try to win and fill their pockets. May the revolutionaries unite with the campaign for CONSCIENCE.

With the help from each and everyone, we will make progress. Let us conquer land here in this crazy world, soul by soul, consciousness by consciousness. Let us be compromised with the truth. Let us respect the faith of everyone, as long as they do not harm others. Truth is love, and one has to produce more love; love for God and all His creation; love and gratefulness to Mother Earth; love for the animals; goodness and compassion for the defenceless. It just takes conscience, which actually does not even pain anymore.

If you classify yourself as punk, alternative, subterranean, salsa dancer, new wave, a rocker, metaphysical, dark, independent, vegetarian, catholic, beautiful, hippie, a good person, etc., but you do nothing for humanity, well, then we congratulate you for your good taste, and now please continue to read our


1. We try to awake the Conscience and an alliance for all the conscious.
2. We want to practice our suggestion and our protest.
3. We declare, in favour of every conception, that we are helping to awake the consciousness and that it is synonymous to justice and freedom.
4. We believe that it is only through meetings and following discussions, where exchanging experiences and ideas, that one can create a strong and progressive movement.
5. We are convinced that only free participation and constant work is the motor in this movement. First you are convinced about the need of change, and then others get inspired to change by your example. Only in this way a movement can grow. Do not ask others to do something that you do not practice yourself or are convinced about.
6. Let us put aside all selfish interests. Consciousness is to serve others, and you have to sacrifice something of your own for others' well-being; many people are suffering in this world. You have the power of change. We want that everyone becomes conscious and teaches by his own example.
7. We think that the duty of the humanity is to search the truth and to practice it.
8. We look at the brutal bloodshed of billions of innocent animals - for consumption as well as sports, scientific experiments, cosmetics and vanity - as an aggression on the evolution of the consciousness.
9. We consider that no man has the right to destroy the earth where we all live, or nature or our environment. One should immediately take measures to diminish the industrial race of the consumption society, which puts human progresses in danger and destroys the essential ingredients for the survival of coming generations.
10. We know that man has an inherent freedom, by which he can distinguish between good and bad, with the clear purpose to choose away the bad, cultivate the good and fight for a better world.
11. It is of a great utility for the human beings to daily occupy some hours of their valuable time to study and discuss philosophical topics, the condition of the country and the world, alternative solutions and programs to apply on reality. Never forget that we have to be a part of the solution by talking and acting.
12. We believe in simple living and high thinking. Each person should be disposed to sacrifice a part of his energy and put it toward serving others in different social services like help in hospitals, distributing food to people who do not have any, education, etc. It is a lot that we have to be, but conscious.
13. We believe that all people, who have certain knowledge, wealth or some other distinguishing capacity, should be conscious about their personal conduct and be disposed to utilize their advantages to protect and serve those less fortunate.
14. We believe that mercy, purity, honesty and austerity are the fundamental pillars to build a free, sane and just society. A conscious person should meditate a lot on this truth and try to practice it in his daily life.
15. We see equally on colour, race and sex. A conscious person should make no difference between people. We do not want to support any kind of divisions of sectarian, elite, class, power or wealth.
16. We should learn self-criticism. This is a good sign of advance and a constant evaluation that helps us to make conscious decisions. We should also listen to philosophers and thinkers from the past, who also were conscious.
17. If one day you have some extra money, invest it in Consciousness or in creating Consciousness; buy books, distribute food, make leaflets about Consciousness, posters, etc.
18. Let us make Conscious music, art, theatre, literature, etc. All kinds of music and thoughts are acceptable.
19. Consciousness is a movement to create more consciousness, and therefore people identify themselves with it and wants to join, and of course we are interested in them. Any manifestation of Consciousness is valuable.
20. We believe that misdirected violence only leads to problems.
21. We are convinced about that it is an aggression upon the development of Conscience that one person is exploited by another. And even worse, woman by man, something that is very common. We believe that men as well as women have the same obligations and the same rights and should be treated equally.
22. We do not believe only in what we can see with our eyes, but certainly in what we understand with logic and reason when these are conscious. We do not submissively accept anything by influence from others, but by our own conviction, supported by reason and logic.
23. We consider boycott and activism to be fundamental for all conscious programs. Thus we should boycott everything that creates unconsciousness. This is conscious activism.
24. Regarding religion: We are followers of Truth. True religion is about serving others and fighting for a better world.
25. It is an aggression upon a person's freedom to influence his or her thinking, and therefore we only expose our ideas, we do not impose them. Do not fall into this terrible error; it is better to develop consciousness. In this way others will naturally be inspired in their acts. Hold to those who talk less and act more.
26. Regarding education: we are all ignorant, keeping in mind, that we do not know which are our obligations and our rights. The accomplishing or our obligations guarantees that our rights will be accomplished without any need of reclamation. The duty of each human being is to become conscious.
27. Anarchy is a good alternative, but first consciousness. How can there be anarchy if there is no consciousness? It is only when we become conscious about our acts, and only then, that immediately, the laws will be unnecessary and no man will in any moment exploit another.
28. We declare, in favour of the autonomy of parallel groups of consciousness, that we admire ideas in other groups, and especially if they are oriented to help others.
29. Everyone should be conscious about what he does and says, be himself and not something adopted, pretending something. Do not identify with something external, but if it helps in your consciousness, it is good; but do not impose it on others.
30. Finally we believe that this should seriously be studied and analysed, especially by the young who are involved with cultural movements, students, artists, musicians, activists, teachers, and everyone in general. We are open for public and private discussions. In our work to create consciousness, we need a lot of support. May revolutionists unite in the campaign for consciousness and conscience. Have your own fascinations and express your ideas in all kind of media. Deepen this knowledge and create Conscience Even If It Pains.

Please, read this one more time and pass it on to someone. In this way you will help our campaign for conscience. We want to listen to all opinions, ideas, suggestions, criticism, questions, etc. We just ask you to first study all our items very carefully, and then put them into practice or/and suggest something better.

We do not want to claim the origin or the proprietorship of these ideas or some work from the group of conscious. These ideas have always existed. Newton did not invent the force of gravity, he just gave it a name.

Translation: Manah Siksa Devi Dasi