Mystic Powers – A real goal?

by Swami Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti

Dear friend, many people talk about yoga these days. Yoga means union, union with God, with the truth, with perfection. Yoga means to enter in contact with Him, to purify oneself by getting out of ignorance. It is this that is important in life. But you also hear that there are yogis who have developed mystic powers. some people have an attraction to these powers because they want to dominate the world to some extent. They want to have curative powers, the power to see the future or to manifest objects.

Eight mystic powers are mentioned that powerful yogis can achieve:

1. Anima-siddhi refers to the power by which one can become so small as to be able to enter into a stone.

2. The power to become so light that one can float in the air or on the water.
3. Laghima is the mystic power to travel to the sun using solar rays.
4. Prapti is the power to extend one’s hand wherever one wants and to hold anything you want. For example, to touch the moon with your finger. One can be situated thousands of kilometres from somewhere, and if you want you could pick a fruit from a garden there and bring it back.
5. Isita is the power to create or destroy a planet, just by desiring it.
6. Vasita is the power by which one can bring anyone under your control. This is a kind of hypnotism that is almost irresistible.
7. Prekamya (magic): With this power one can acquire whatever one wants. For example, by one’s will power one can make water enter into one’s eye ball, and then make it come out again.
8. Kamavasayita one can break the laws of nature, thereby achieving the seemingly impossible.

Included in these powers exist telepathy, telekinesis, etc, that some people try very hard to attain. With these powers such yogis elevate their ego, one that is puffed up due having something others do not have, believing that they have been given the powers of God for them to use. All this is in reality a major deviation from the transcendental path. It is very dangerous, and our spiritual masters concentrate on the real duty in life, of finding the mystic love that we have in our hearts. Thus, the ultimate goal in life is to understand and follow the will of God’s love.

If someone is interested in becoming God he believes that there is no one above him, that he is the supreme authority of himself in all he does, then in reality he must have an enormous false ego. Because, if we are going to talk about God, we must talk about He who maintains everyone. He who can’t maintain everyone can no be God; if not, the word God loses all significance. Be honest friend, you do not even maintain yourself, much less maintain everyone else. Mother Nature and her Supreme Director maintain everyone. They are the ones who really deserve adoration and glorification.

As human beings we are experts in creating problems; we must therefore give thanks to the Supreme Person, because He maintains us, protects us, and guides us to perfection. In the path of Bhakti Yoga we do not want mystic powers. We know that the greatest mystic power is everything that surrounds us, including our capacity to appreciate it and talk about it. God’s mystic powers are infinite; and it is true that with His grace we can become great scientists or musicians, etc. Likewise, all yogis on their path can develop, to a certain point, some mystic powers. But if the yogi becomes distracted by such powers and loses the vision of the ultimate goal, then he loses all the greatness that he had gained.

The reality is that this is an alarm bell our spiritual masters have given us, so that we do not forget that the power to cure or assess the life of another should only be done as an offering to the Lord, giving all the glories to Him. Of course, all people have curative powers in their hands to give affection and consideration to people who are ill. Those who claim credit for their successes and do not recognise the position of the Supreme Lord, waste this precious human form with the opportunity to represent the Love Supreme. They find themselves locked up in themselves in the multiple distractions that exist in this world. First, it is money that distracts people, then it is the attraction for the opposite sex, and later it is the attraction for fame. It is specificaly fame that is coming for those who have attained mystic powers.

There are people who after having acquired some powers perform cheap shows for financial gain, or to gain followers; burying themselves under the earth, or such like. But if we are really interested in achieving perfection in life, we should not deviate or enjoy such cheap tricks, which even materialistic science has achieved with its fascination for technology. We have heard of yogis who are teaching people to levitate and fly, but this can easily be compared with aeroplanes that transport people from continent to continent. There are yogis who have dominated the limitations imposed by water, or who can enter into the earth, or move things from distant places; but, in comparison, modern technology has created tunnels through mountains, submarines in the oceans, and many other marvellous things. Both technology and yogic powers are both entirely material in their activities, though different in form.

then it is is better to focus on the greatest gift humans have, our capacity to love, Instead och being indifferent or exploiting this world. This divine gift can only be developed when one is touched by the loving power of a saint, a pure devotee of the Lord.

Translation by Gopananda dasa